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If you’re sick, stay home. But also if you are sick then go to your doctor immediately, to be told to go home, self isolate, you are not allowed to go anywhere, unless you need groceries… then you’re allowed to go somewhere, but other than that, make sure you stay at home, oh but your allowed to go for a wee roam and walk too 🦬💩

oh but wait theres more, resturaunts, cafes and bars are closed, but you’re allowed fast food, McDonald’s KFC will remain open, but you must use contactless payment and windows up, because they care soooo much about your health aye! 🤣🤦‍♀️

Gummon people, if you’re against people who are against getting the vaccine… then you don’t really believe in the vaccine do ya. You give up your freedom for health, then you will end up losing both.

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