Single Source of Truth eh?

I’m reminded of the question posed by Roger Waters in Pink Floyds track titled Mother.

“Mother should I trust the Government?”

This week we have seen the so called “single source of truth” be found to be multiple sources of fallacy with a rather large dollop of nasty.

Peeni Henari, Associate Health Minister, is getting upset at some MP’s facebook pages calling them unhelpful.

“Associate Minister of Health Peeni Henare told Newshub Nation on Saturday they should instead be looking to the “one source of truth” – the Government and Ministry of Health – when it comes to communicating with the public about the pandemic. “

This is a post that Simon O’Conner posted that is getting Mr Henare a little uppity

May be a cartoon

No doubt Peeni will be on the blower to the Zuck to say there are Conservatives on the loose in Face Book land.

but back to that “single source of Truth” where is this source exactly? it seems to have gone missing this week. Perhaps its run off with the single source of kindness, a cross Ardern vilifying a couple of south Aucklanders in what is a display in anything but showing kindness. Particularly when they were just following the advice from the Single Source of Truth. It is simply our PM trying to take the lamplight off of the increasingly obvious lack luster response that she is responsible for

I think all the fairy dust has finally been removed from the Queen of Kindness – and what have we found beneath the thin façade of benevolence. Oh its a JALP! “JUST ANOTHER LYING POLITICIAN” Welcome to the real world.

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