Slavery Vs Bureaucracy

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Guest post! Thank you for sending this in Anthony Booth!


Slavers of old, did not consider themselves evil; they thought of the slaves as subhuman, themselves a superior species, and this the natural order. The perception of superiority continues into supposedly more civilised times, while the enslavement has necessarily taken a slower and more subtle course. It comes through restrictions on liberty by an increasingly bloated government. Citizens find themselves becoming chattels of the state, and it’s corporate partners. An ever increasing number of rules and regulations, produced by ever-expanding bureaucracy, requiring more and more funding through taxation. However, the citizens are (by in large) complicit in this because, foolishly, they believe in every new ‘danger’ pointed out to them by the so-called ‘elites’. ‘Dangers’ which then, of course, need ‘regulation’. The politicians who’ve made the rules consider themselves a superior species too, and also feel sure their steady enslavement of the populace is only the natural order of things.”

In short, Slavery and the Smugness of the ‘Virtue Signaling’ Bureaucrat are the same thing…

A follow-up to my last post. Cheers! AB

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