Small light still at end of tunnel

Isn’t it funny that they are happy to impeach Trump on the basis of a mysterious whistle blower that no one ever got to (officially) learn their identity, but when whistleblowers from the post office say there were irregularities – the Democrats say, “nothing to see here”

The reality is that the Democrats just want Trump to shut up and concede. It does not suit them for the 2020 electioneering to be scrutinised, it is potentially opening pandora’s box.

There is no doubt that Trump faces an uphill battle, but unlike the lack of fight that Bernie Sanders had, Trump will fight to the death.

There is going to be a recount in Georgia, this is looking like a foregone conclusion but it is Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nevada that will really either prove there was a large scale plot or whether it is just a conspiracy theory in the minds of the more conspiratorial of us.

I hope this finds out just how much the Democrats conspired but for those of us that have been waiting for years to have the corruption exposed. I fear we are getting to the point of chasing shadows.

There is still hope and if anyone was going to fight until all his limbs are severed it will be the Don.

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