Small Town Resistance!

Way to go Raglan!

On Friday afternoon Whāingaroa locals gathered in the centre of town to stand with the three midwives, 12 teachers and other mandated workers who had been stood down this week.

This wasn’t an anti-vax campaign. Vaccinated and unvaccinated were shoulder to shoulder with the midwives that had delivered their babies and the fire fighters that had rescued them in emergencies.

This was a stand against the most unjust policies government has enacted in modern times.

Despite media portrayal it’s not just fringe folk who are standing against the government’s divisive policies. Early Friday morning residents had awoken to a new sign on their doorstep, one that echoed the stickers that had been circulating on the high street for weeks. Raglan Business Chamber shared the new sign on their social media, thanking the person that put it up.

Business owners here understand how social bonds work. For decades the local community has fought corporate interests taking up high street space in order to support Whāingaroa owned business. The high street here is unique in the country in its lack of Subways and fast food chains. Locals have rallied to keep it local, knowing that communities thrive best this way.

In turn, many of the business owners here recognise that mandates and vaccine passports are not policies that help a community to thrive. As the Raglan Business Chamber said yesterday, “Unity is our super power in this time.”

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