So a recap of some of this past weeks COVID realities

A CDC study showing that the vaccine gives you better protection than the natural immunity, accused of being statistically flawed propaganda by Harvard Professor among many others.

British Medical Journal exposes key clinical trials of the Pfizer vaccine were fabricated falsehoods, with adverse reactions not reported and fudged testing protocols.

California lefty Governor and climate change promotor Gavin Newsom, has second vaccine jab and vanishes out of the public eye missing the Cop26 wank fest. Adverse reaction anybody?

Biden has dropped so low in popularity he has taken to farting to impress his company. He isn’t adverse to shitting his pants in front of the pope or squeezing out a long fart in front of the royal family. Although we are not certain he is conscious of the fact he is leaking. Tough story to beat while playing truth or dare if he is doing it on purpose, regardless of if it’s a truth or dare.

New Zealand has approved another shot of the vaccine that works so well that you need another shot a few months after you had your second shot. All these shots to give you privileges those who haven’t had one shot simply don’t get. There must be some double vaxed people just a little confused right now wondering what their status is. You can imagine their thought process right now. But, but I thought I took two for my Whanau?

Protests are interfering with Arderns “look at me” strategy and her true colours are shining through, your true colours and that’s why I love you – ahem, sorry thought I was Cindy Lauper for a second.

The Beehive was under the highest alert today ever since the time a heavily armed homing pigeon took a nap on the fourth floor after a gust blew him off course from the Urawera’s. The tiny minority of fed up people gathered to let Arden know that, in their mind (and many others), she is as popular as a Joe Biden shart in your space suit.

Grant Robertson takes on Joe Rogan by calling him a hard right wing commentator. Joe Rogan doesn’t respond as he wouldn’t know who Grant Robertson was, even if he got given a rough lap dance by the chubby finance minister.

Ardern carries on planning her wedding, she is so dedicated to her job that a little pandemic that has ruined the fiscal outlook of the country she presides over, is no hurdle for a woman’s weekly shoot followed by a drug induced gang bang when the cameras have been packed away.

Kelvin Davis said something – we are not sure what, but he can now go back into hiding.

Nanaia Mahuta carries on the quest to start the Apartheid that is the ultimate goal of the Labour Maori caucus.

The UK hits a new milestone in the vaccinated being the super spreaders. While the unvaccinated have to be tested before they can take a shit in a public toilet.

Stay Tuned planet bee’s there is going to be some action at our beehive this month and if we are lucky we may see a minor tantrum from the women with more teeth than all the zips on a Samsonite luggage range.

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