So did anyone get hurt?

This is why we need laws on how being offended is ok.

A Maori artist was tasked with coming up with some imagery for a booklet on vaccinations. It was consulted on and created. All with tax payer funds of course and now it’s in the bin at some expense that no one will ever talk about.

Upon its release. some academics get immediately offended and it gets labelled as “offensive and taking us back to the dark ages.“

Seems to me it’s a disagreement between a couple of Maori academics and the appropriateness of some Maori art in marketing material. It’s hardly an attack on one culture from another, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

Perhaps we should take a poll and see who actually is offended by this. Or are two academics now tasked with being offended on behalf of all Maori?

The argument that it may affect the message is an Interesting one. Are we now going to boycott a vaccination as we think the brochure is discriminatory because a cartoon was offensive to academics.

Or is this an example of if you look hard enough you will find offensive material everywhere.

This is a classic moment where there should be guidelines on how it’s ok to be offended. It doesn’t do you any harm to be offended.

No one drops dead in the street from a sudden onset of offensive material.

No one got so offended they lost the use of their legs and couldn’t get out of the way of a charging bull.

Ring In sick to the office, “yeah boss I saw some offensive material on TV last night and I’ll probably be okay by Friday if I take it easy”

Being offended is the result of different opinions.

It seems we are having our opinions controlled now if they don’t align with those tasked with being offended on everyone’s behalf. we can expect to get cancelled, r at least paid a visit from the boys in blue if our opinion offends the wrong person.

Ello, ello, ello, we don’t like the way you is thinking sir.

That is what is on the way in this increasingly ridiculous wrap us up in cotton wool world.

How about growing a thicker skin, remember the childhood lesson, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” and focus on the real issues.

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