So have they thought about this?

A post from Peter C

Based on the last NZTA estimates there are 3.35 Million passenger vehicles and the Muppet Show estimate 10% of people will switch to an EV in the next 12 months (or about 335,000 vehicles – Insert Tui add here)


If they are correct they have a problem


Assuming I am an average guy (I’m not – in my own mind I am above average in the very area my ex-wives consider me sub-par) , but an average car user


Over a year I will fill the 50 litre tank in my family SUV 58 times.  Taxes per litre are around 77.54 cents.  This equates to a tax contribution of around $2,250 for all tax types.


If I switch to an EV, this just disappears from the Gummint budget.  So if 10% of people switch that equates to around $753,750,832 lost tax revenue.


Allowing for the average of 13,000 km per vehicle year, the easy answer is to replace this with a Road User Charge of around 17.3 cents per kilometre


So buy an EV, get a subsidy to cover the cost increase already applied by the overseas vendors, and make sure you pay your road user charges. 


Next Volcano that erupts will once again produce more carbon than the entire human race has ever produced and you will still be an eco terrorist for the damage done by the very existence of your car battery.


This post has been sponsored by the Promote Veganism Society of Antarctica (The earth is flat)  


Please re-read this humming the Muppet Show theme

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