So How is it going in Israel?

Israel got in early with the Pfizer Vaccine, they rolled it out quickly to the elderly and set about commanding their citizens to take the vaccine, in what is becoming pretty typical around the world.

The message is that if we all get vaccinated we can get back to normal.

So lets look at Israel’s new normal.

Israel’s rapid roll out of the vaccine now sees the country receiving record numbers of infections at an even higher level than its ever experienced.

Do I hear the cry of, “its the Delta!” Yes it is the Delta, it is obviously more infectious, we only need to look at Europe, Asia and the Americas to see the Delta is pushing the numbers back up.

But then lets look at that country that the world loved to quote as having the craziest response. Yes Sweden, who also have Delta and have rolled out their vaccine program quite well. Who never mandated masks, never closed schools or business and told their citizens to stay home if you are sick and social distance as best you can.

There is a slight rise at the moment, which will be interesting to see if it follows other countries stats as the vaccine efficacy wears off. death rate is very healthy

Unfortunately Israel’s death rate is rapidly heading back to the highs of its previous worst times. These numbers are also not the unvaccinated. The claim that this is now the virus of the unvaccinated are as mythical as an honest Politician. that included you cindy!

So what is Israel’s new normal?

Fortunately for their citizens, Israel has decided not to lock down. They cannot justify the debt and the cost of what not keeping the economy going would mean. It is no doubt influenced by the fact they are surrounded by hoards of angry Arabs who are itching to wipe Israel of the face of the Earth, not to mention all of her inhabitants.

So Israel has bulk purchased (again) more vaccine and are going to reload everyone up with more vaccine that they just loaded up with.

It will be interesting to see if any of these types of stats appear again after the next round of jabs. Below you can see a spike in all cause mortality for the over 65’s at the time they were vaccinating. The graph under that is the 20 to 29 age group which are more susceptible to certain side effects of the vaccine.

These increases in deaths at the time of vaccine roll out could be coincidental. However, if it happens again with the third Jab, then it might be a good reason to investigate the health benefits further.

I spent two hours of my life debating with a microbiologist last night. Fortunately he is also my drummer and so it was civil. The one thing we did agree on is this is a tricky little virus.

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