So how many New Zealanders are there?

At the start of Lockdown the Gummint announced the population was over 5M. 

My 11 year old observed that that meant the the country had grown significantly in the previous 18 months.  He also pointed out that by increasing the denominator the ratio of infections and deaths per head of population placed NZ at the top of the charts for handling Covid “…the best in the world”

He got sent to the Headmistress for pointing this out.

Today (now 12) he got sent to the Headmistress for pointing out that if 883,000 represents 21.6% of the population as being fully vaccinated then our population had fallen to around 4.1 million. 

Just to ram home his point, he revisited the fact that more New Zealander recovered from Covid that were in fact ever infected

He then railed at his class for being Morons for believing anything they read in the paper or the lying bitch tells them.  I have to end this post as I too have to go to the head mistresses office now – why I didn’t do it    


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