So Its the 21st

One of the things about having a blog is you get to make predictions, make multitudes of claims and have angry rants about things you might have heard that day.

Sometimes your carefully voiced comments are right on the money and show wisdom beyond your years (not really)… and sometimes you are frankly wronger than Wrong John Wronglyson and his royal mate Sir Ian the Incorrectness.

However, in my humble opinion, one of the things that maketh the man is being able to admit you are wrong, particularly when your comments have been as accurate as a Helen Keller day out shooting Clay Pigeons.

With this in mind and In a true humble style of a gentleman, I would like to say – you have really fucked up Ardern and co

I am referring to a prediction of sorts I made at the end of 2021, here is the article…

So on the 21st I suggested it was going the time that our leaders and their chosen advisors would need to make some decisions. I asked that if in the day of the Omicron, whether there would be anything more than the Politicians telling people to get out and get yet another jab affectionately known as a booster. It would be probably be better named Dutch Courage

I quietly hoped that a strong leader would appear and that we would be given some truths about the less virulent variant.

But alas it’s a big no. The strategy is a new version of restricted activity otherwise known as a new and improved red light.

Maybe we should call Ardern Roxanne in the hope she listens to the plea..

NZ has yet again chosen the burry the head in the sand option.

Here is a quick history lesson – in the 18th Century the Europeans came to New Zealand, many Maori died due to the viruses and bacterial infections that they caught from the new arrivals of which they had no immunity because they had not encountered them before.

It seems Michael Baker and Ardern want a repeat of this, but in this case we will all be equals as none of us will have any protection. Yes you may have had 3 jabs but alas you are in the same boat as the rest of us.

If you think I’m wrong – Israel is ahead of us with boosters and Pfizer jabs, check out their stats

57,000 per day right now

They have the highest infection rate per million population on the planet right now, they just overtook Aussie.

It will come here soon enough and it won’t find any resistance from our 3rd dose of a spike protein inducing messenger RNA We have no protection but what is worse is no one wants to admit that, so they lock us away instead.

Wakey Wakey

But hey, never let the truth get in the way of a good story eh?

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