So Its the women’s fault!

Todays poll had an interesting piece of info with it. It had the sex of the voter to show the preference by sex, as to where men and women would cast their vote if an election were held today. Before we discuss this, here are the results of the latest poll

Party Vote

  • Labour 39.5% (nc from July)
  • National 25.0% (-4.0%)
  • Greens 12.0% (+2.0%)
  • ACT 13.0% (nc)
  • Maori 2.5% (nc)


  • Labour 51 (-14 from election)
  • National 33 (nc)
  • Greens 16 (+6)
  • ACT 17 (+7)
  • Maori 3 (+1)


  • Labour/Green 67/120
  • National/ACT 50/120


  • Right 52.5% (-3.0%)
  • Wrong 37.5% (+3.0%)

I remember participating in market research a while back, where a group of people were put together to discuss policies from an unnamed party.

It turned out to be ACT’s policies and they were actually well received by all who took part in the session I was in. Even the Jacinda Loving lefty woke chap they partnered me up with to discuss the policies and mark what we agreed on and didn’t agree on, was mostly in favour of the policies.

Funnily enough the only difference of opinion this chap and I had was, he didn’t believe in the 3 strikes law. I think by the time I had finished with him though, he was also more on board with this policy. Its a bloody no brainer in my humble opinion.

One of the big claims that came out of this discussion, when we were discussing what makes a leader popular, was the fact that Ardern represented the professional woman. An independent strong minded lady who can achieve anything, was something that was suggested would appeal to professional women of all walks. I remember believing this could be a genuine vote winner for Ardern.

So now back to the recent poll. Interestingly, the latest Roy Morgan Poll shows us that if we went back to the pre Kate Sheppard’s 1893 victory (where New Zealand women were granted the right to vote). an Act/National coalition would actually win.

Thats right currently the male vote have an ACT/ National Coalition winning by 3%.

Its the women who are keeping Labour and the Greens ahead in the polls – by a massive 30.5%

This is a serious reason to maybe revisit that 1893 amendment to our laws.

Come on lady’s, lets get back to “policy over personality” please. Just because she’s garnished the cover of Time Magazine, Woman’s Weekly and Horse & Rider. Doesn’t mean she is right for our fine land.

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