So much sea level rise

below are predictions from the same man who was still NASA’s climate expert up until 2013.

He is now taking his alarmism to activism, even though his predictions leave little doubt his nick name should be Wrongly Wrongingson.

If you ever wondered why NASA had cooked the books when dealing with the past. It’s likely a little issue if someone’s credibility.

Historical News Paper articles have the unfortunate reality of reminding us (and the maker) of what these climate predictions were.

Dr James Hansen, who likes to rubbish all scientists that use data to show that the just how much the alarmism is over the top nonsense, issued the dire warning above

He went in to make some predictions

NOAA also came up with scenarios of sea level rise

Here’s what it has been in New York for the past 170 years. Notice that sharp rise after 1988?

Here’s a short video with Tony Heller taking the piss out of Dr. Hensen. Safe to say there’s not too much love lost between them.

Remember, these predictions are the basis of the $ billions our government wants to charge us to battle this challenge. It’s lies on top of lies.

Methane, CO2 and farming practices causing all this is, in the words of the great David Bellamy. “Poppycock”

It didn’t stop academia dissing this once popular botanist.

We are told sea level rise is an existential threat and that fossil fuels are the reason. Yet the data is there for all to see on the NOAA see gauge data.

Will it ever stop?

Not likely with our “nuclear moment” Ardern at the helm

Here’s a Nautical theme for all those pushing the man made sea level rise rue.

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