So the gun didn’t fire itself eh Alec?

One of the predictions of what really happened when Alec Baldwin shot and killed director of photography Halyna Hutchins is he got angry and pulled the trigger thinking he was firing a blank.

The reasoning is as simple as Alec’s self importance and contempt for anyone trying to direct the “A-list” actor.

Baldwin’s reputation of being an angry short fused prick is well documented and his claim the gun fired itself was only believable to those that love the guys work to the point that they just hope the actor stays on the screen.

The FBI (as well as many gun experts) have concluded that it is not possible for the gun to fire itself, surprise surprise, and that Baldwin pulled the trigger.

In December Baldwin, in an attempt to gain public support, told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that the gun went off when he pulled the hammer back.

Baldwin also feels no guilt about the shooting.

There is one fact in the case which has always been the reality. When you handle a gun on set you check and re-check the gun if you are handed one.

Regardless of who is responsible for loading the gun or handed the gun to you, if you have a gun in your hand and you are pointing it at people, you have the final responsibility of ensuring the gun is not loaded with a live charge.

Previous deaths in movies have been from blank rounds and so even a blank can be the lethal.

The fact he feels no guilt and lied about what happened is all anyone needs to know as to whether he should face at least some punishment for both fatally shooting one and injuring another.

There is still no charges laid against Baldwin, claims are he could face charges but we shall see. We may be waiting a long time for that though, if it ever happens.

The file has been handed to the DA’s office however, Mary Carmack-Altwies has already been running an on going narrative for her fellow Democrat Baldwin by spreading the potential blame far and wide and also agreeing g it is plausible that Baldwin didn’t pull the trigger. Even though experts say it’s impossible

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