So the UK have now

  • Stopped mandating vaccine passports
  • Stopped the work-from-home requirements
  • Removed the need to wear face masks anywhere

Why have they done this while here in NZ we just shut down the country to anyone, including returning New Zealanders? Is it because of our world beating illumination strategy?

No, it’s because the virus is endemic and the UK have awaken from their Psychosis and are getting on with life.

As we have said for a long time here at planet b, we are trying to hold back the tide and it is only a matter of when we get our turn, or we become the hermit kingdom the likes of Rod Jackson and Michael Baker seem to think is the only option.

I bet everyone is glad we hit that 90% vaccination target now so we get back to normal.

I think the more pertinent question is how long does Mass Formation Psychosis last for?

Every time a triple jabbed person gets COVID I’m curious how you process that info in your minds.

95%, 80%, 40% 20% are all figures that you hear bandied about claiming what the efficacy of this 2nd, 3rd or 6th jab will provide. Oh but it was never meant to stop transmission we are now told. Im pretty sure the jab marketing team didn’t promote that when we were told to get jabbed or F off.

The head of the CDC has admitted that the vaccine does not stop transmission. Yet we still have passports, why? Because these egotists will never admit they are wrong.

I just googled “Michael Baker admits he got it wrong”

“I’d love to be wrong” is as close as he gets. it reminded me of his thoughts on the Tokyo Olympics and how it shouldn’t go ahead. These people just want to cancel everything.

Take the booster is the message, it is shown to take you from 20% to 80% oh really?

Maybe this graph will help you with your statistical evaluation of the difference between percentages at the 3rd jab stage.

But we are the ones spreading misinformation?

Everyone likes getting offended when the reactions to the virus are likened to the atrocities of World War II.

Well I’d now liken New Zealand to the Japanese soldiers hiding in an island in the Philippines unaware the war was over.

In 1974, Hiroo Onoda, a Japanese army intelligence officer, caused a sensation when he was persuaded to come out of hiding by a former comrade on the Philippine island of Lubang.

COVID-19 is no longer a war that requires emergency laws and regulations. It is now time to stop the propaganda machine and let qualified medical experts work it out from here.

Stop silencing non political medical experts, stop relying on a select few political “experts” and stop trying to mandate our way out of something that is here to stay.

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