So the voting machines are connected to the internet

As the naysayers claim that the voting machines cant be tampered with, cant connect to the internet and its all a conspiracy theory, this weeks hero poured cold water on those claims.

As an encore, Jovan Pulitzer bounced back to the witness stand to say his technology team had just logged on to voting machines with two way communication (sending and receiving data) with the current live Georgia run-off election.

He hammered the point home by saying, “and that is not supposed to be able to happen”

Seems the Georgia officials are a bit nervous as they have penned a scathing character assignation disguised as a “Fact Check.” You know you are too close for comfort when you get this level of an attempt to discredit you.

And people wonder why those that come forward are labelled as brave for speaking out. Just ask ex Clinton staffers how dangerous it is “speaking out.”

This is next level propaganda

They may discredit him on the fact they haven’t seen the evidence of him connecting to the voting machines. But given a Microsoft engineer has already confirmed the voting machines, that have been inspected, were sending data to China through a smart air-conditioning machines connection to the internet. I dare say this one will be found to be true also.

I hope Mr Pulitzer has a good security detail as his evidence may prove to be a big part of showing just how corrupt this election was.

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