So Trump has departed

All the furious Orange Man Bad brigade are leaving their parting comments on blog sites and news outlets around the world and singing a collective sigh of relief.

Why, is a good question. The USA was in existence long prior to Trump, arrival as President, and when he took over in 2017 the USA had not been a happy and prosperous country for at least 20 years.

It was a divided and economically crippled mess. Obama did as much for race relations as the pre 90’s South African Governments managed. Prior to Trump, each of the previous administrations seemed to be competing to see who could start the most wars.

In to power walks Trump, keeping his promises to make America Great Again, he got the economy booming and brought back manufacturing. Pay increased more in his short 4 years than the combined 20 years prior.

Local political “giants” like the weirdo Don Brash try to paint the man as no great reformer. Funny coming from someone who failed more politically than most.

He started no new wars and did more for minorities than his predecessors, yet all the troubles, including COVID-19 are blamed on the Orange haired businessman.

Some cretinous herald scribe has called him a gangster, bloggers have accused him of throwing tantrums whilst others write about how much the Whitehouse needs to be cleansed before Biden moves in.

No, I won’t miss the hatred and vitriol that was so misguided. They say it’s time to heal. Little do they realise the ones that need to heal are those blinded by the TDS.

As trump said, Good Luck. You will need it.

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