Some fracking good points on the modern environmental movements

When reality bites

Ironically it wasn’t environmentalism that has caused the angst. Rather Russia turning off the oil and gas that has made people realise they quite like the low cost energy that fossil fuels provide.

“Yes, climate change is a problem, he says, but we need energy. ‘We import a huge amount of fracked gas’ from America, he points out, so why don’t we just frack our own? We should get serious about developing nuclear power too, says Smith.”

In NZ we import more coal than ever because we made the environmental decision to not get our local coal. Even though it’s cleaner better coal.

Ardern was able to ban oil exploration permits because we can just import the oil we need. The gas on the other hand is a different matter and I would like to say the single most stupid thing Ardern has done. But you cannot fit all of her mistakes in one episode of some mothers do have em.

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