Some good news for a change

One of the best kept secrets of our globe is that the earth has been greening. More plants is typically a good thing but plenty of people find ways of turning this increase into a negative. Recently I was told that its the wrong types of plants that are growing and that is a bad thing. The reality is there are positve increses in both grasslands and forests but thats another discussion.

Let’s look at one area that all the arm chair eco warriors love to throw at you when you tell them to keep their chins up. The Amazon.

We all remember learning as children the devastation occurring to the Amazon and that it was where all our oxygen comes from etc.

Well it seems that the locals paid attention and there has been work done to learn more about the plight of the Amazon Jungle.

Since the 1980’s it was difficult to know the state of the large tropical forest and in more recent times it was still not known what was the true extent of the forest, recovery and new forests planted.

this is until August last year where a PhD graduate at the Brazilian institute for Space Research took a look at his map he had created of Brazils secondary forests.

“About a third of Brazil’s lost forests have recovered naturally, an area approximately the size of the United Kingdom — 262,791 square kilometers (101,464 square miles), according to the map Junior published in a recent study in the journal Scientific Data in collaboration with 11 other researchers.”

The reality is Trees grow back, but this fact on its own is meaningless. There are other issues with forestry such as loss of habitat, forest fires and creating a balance between reforestation and cutting down timber.

The real good news with this is not just that the forest can recover and that there is the ambition to plant more trees. But the fact that it is now measurable and more importantly manageable, means that planting and felling, as well as proper management of the asset can easily be achieved by local authorities.

It is once again a sign that money and effort spent in the best areas, is how we will help preserve life on earth.

Its a good read linked below

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