Someone isn’t telling the truth! Ardern or Mallard?

The Prime Minister claims published that newly-released court documents do “not raise any issues that had not already been traversed” regarding the Trevor Mallard saga. This is extraordinary. Has the PM not read the material? Has she been blindsided by the Speaker? Or has post-truth politics hit the Beehive? For the benefit of the Prime Minister and her press officers, our staff have created this helpful timeline to assist with her understanding of the new information:

May be an image of text that says "WHAT THE COURT DOCUMENTS REVEAL DEC 2020 THE ADMISSION 24 JUL 2019 THE THREAT TAXPAYERINVOICE lawyer, 0m December 2020, 23 MAY 2019 Comittee THE CLAIM Mallard alleged employee thimt victim the claim Court reputation victim's issue So why did Mr Mallard double down, make the threat, and drastically increase the damages (and cost to taxpayers)? 31MAY 2019 THE DOUBLE-DOWN Mallard refusedt retract/apologise 08 DEC 2020 THE APOLOGY money paid with apoogy"
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