South China Sea

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By Sarah Smith

With reports claiming NZ Naval personnel have been deployed to the U.K, it got me thinking as to why?Why would NZ servicemen be expected to go to the other side of the world at this time? It just dawned on me that it may in fact be, to support Britain and other NATO countries in the South China Sea. Why are these countries heading to this part of the world? The mainstream story is that China needs to be kept in check over the next few years as it’s power begins to over reach. Why would western countries welcome Chinese investment & local political influence on one hand, but then deploy the armed forces to an area, that would certainly be read as provocation?The current geopolitical situation seems to illustrate a ‘final roll of the dice’ by the CCP as it moves into place to assume the mantle of being the unrivaled superpower. There only problem? The United States of America. How would you neutralize the US? Well, considering the CCP thinks and acts in accordance with an intergenerational mindset, they would have planted their agents and implemented their strategy, years, if not decades ago. You are seeing evidence of this through the willingness of many to be exposed as the seditious traitors they are. After all, as this is also an information war, he who creates, controls… do you notice the actions bring taken by those creators? The CCP will throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at their enemies. It seems that is not limited to the inside of the house either. Imagine the tornado in the Wizard of Oz representing the CCP… it takes Dorothy, Toto and the house.Who are their enemies you ask? The Patriots. We the people. Anyone who values freedom. Let’s consider that the Patriots are in control of these military forces.Could it be that China is on the brink of regime change and the CCP is on its last legs? Are the NZ Navy being deployed to assist in the demise of the CCP? Feel free to add your thoughts below.


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