Spotify don’t need him around anyhow

The largest music sharing platform have accepted Neil Young’s own goal and are removing him from Spotify.

I bet he feels a right Clever Trevor about now, realising his power is no longer enough to allow him to bully the platform.

I wonder how long before he is begging for forgiveness?

As of the writing of this post Neil is still able to be listened to on the platform, but the 6,086,608 monthly listeners that generate the Artist and Warner Records between $18,000 to $30,000, is no match for the $100 million two year deal that seas 11 million people tune in live to each of Rogans podcasts.

I don’t think the singer could have scored a bigger own goal and some that know Mr Young well, like David Crosby, will be quietly chuckling to themselves. David Crosby is on record calling Neil the most selfish person he has ever met.

I guess the fans of his whiny voice will need to go to apple or google to tune in, as it would seem that Spotify are as fond of ultimatums as the rest of us are.

I dare say Warner may intervene.

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