Spreading Covid by spreading legs and why rapid testing is the answer, not half arsed vaccines

At least the press are reporting on fully vaccinated people contracting the virus. And thus being able to spread it. This is some good awareness that the vaccine is not providing the kind of immunity we are used to with vaccines.

The police officer who was double jabbed would have tested positive on a routine test.

But more interesting this week is the companion of the essential worker, a mongrel mob member who was given special exemption to deliver a message, and a whole lot more by the looks.

The travelling “vaccine salesman” from the mongrel mob brought a gift from the south to share with his buddies.

An infected hooker, probably a sigh of relief that it was only COVID I dare say, but alas it has caused the spreading of Covid as she spread her legs. Now that is a super spreader if you ask me.

Delta as they dealt to her.

However this could have been managed much better if the Government had introduced rapid testing.

If the young lady involved had been able to spit (even if she was not that way inclined) into a rapid testing kit and it turned out she was positive, another young lady could have joined on this jaunt north.

The fact that we still don’t have rapid testing is reason enough to oust this Government if you ask me, but then spreading the disease northland with a special delivery is just taking the piss.

This of course is being hushed up, but I doubt it will be long before the true nature of what has happened here comes out.

It really begs the question. Why has the Government being cozying up to the gangs?

Apart from one of the worst kept secrets, as in what the PM’s shags past time is. There are some other contenders.

30,000 votes for Ardern, which is clearly shown in the video where a mob member is doing an inspirational vote Labour speech.

The deal they have where millions of proceeds of crimes funds are being channeled back to the mob, via a one paragraph hastily written proposal to cure meth-heads by getting them to tend to plants. Whether they are meth takers or not.

Whatever it is, I don’t think most kiwis are that keen on the PM’s relationship and encouragement of this organised crime group.

I think there is good reason labour are trying to hush up this poorly thought through dodgy exercise, we certainly may never know just how close Ardern is to this racket.

The fact is that this is just another edition to the ever growing clusterfuck that is the Labour Party.

All who thought how wonderful Ardern was in beating COVID, may now be waking up to just how poorly managed every last one of her endeavours are.

How’s your little dance now Ardern?

Northlanders will of course all be super chuffed that Labour thought of trusting the gangs to spread the word and not the virus, did the exact opposite.

Perhaps it was more than a Freudian slip by Chris Hipkens when he made the spread your legs comment.

Whatever goes on in their minds there is one thing i’m sure off, labour MP’s can’t even piss in the toilet sitting down they are so inept.

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