Standing on the Outside

Guest post from Schmee

So here’s the deal, although not Catholic, I am the last of a very large Catholic family living in NZ.  Overnight we had a family catch up.  (Note all of my family have at least one post graduate qualification so they are fairly bright bastards)

Basic premise of the conversation was how laughable NZ has become, and how tolerant the NZ population is of the intellectual mediocre.  

One brother (a self confessed greenie) can not understand how anyone is a member of the current Greens party.   He ranted at the hypocrisy of Jimmy 2 mums travelling to the COP in Scotland, could not understand how the Greens could sanction free trade agreements with Europe when the carbon miles alone were incongruous with their anti-carbon stance and the fact all Europe wants is our meat and dairy they will also no doubt have to about face on methane.  He choked when we talked about Labour funding the Taliban.  Basically he concluded that no true Greenie should be a member of the current Greens.  His conclusion (something, something something,,,unprintable sellouts).     

The topic inevitably moved on to Money.  Like me, neither could follow the general delight at the Labour’s announcement to spend another 273+ million  more on welfare. We all agreed it is conceptually a Labour style policy but as it came immediately  after Treasury told them to raise taxes and stop spending, they were of the view it was criminally irresponsible and criminally incompetent.  What it also points to is JA also acknowledging she is, has and will continue to fail in her self-professed, self-created (and self- indulgent) portfolio of child poverty.

So what’s their answer.  Well they believe we should have done what we are doing now, but that by waiting a year at least we had a chance to get the hospitals ready and brought in every possible anti-viral (none of which has happened).   

We did get on to all things Murry (to quote Mike King, a Murry himself), but most of that is unprintable      

Take from this what you wish, but that’s is from highly qualified Kiwis, standing on the outside looking in.

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