Stating the Bleeding Obvious

Nashville police say they suspect the explosion was intentional.

I wonder if the R.V.’s Pre recorded message, played over and over, over a loudspeaker saying there was a bomb about to explode for 15 minutes prior to the R.V. exploding, is was what lead them to this conclusion?

Whilst Trump has sent a warning to Iran, in case it was a retaliation from the oil rich county in response to the recent assassination of its leading nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. It could also be a move from hands closer to home as the election debate moves up a notch prior to Christmas Day.

There is speculation that borders on crazy conspiracy theory level that the Trump team are sitting on the largest cache of evidence that the election was controlled from bad actors including the CIA and that moves have been underway to expose multitudes of the people involved.

Whilst there are plenty of fact-checking websites that put rest to the claims that CIA chief Gina Haspel was caught in Frankfurt with the raid on the server, she has remained strangely quiet throughout this entire time with the only news on her for the past month being all these fact-checkers saying she hasn’t been arrested, injured or killed.

However little is known about who is responsible, apart from the fact that whoever it was, was kind enough to provide a clear warning. This is somewhat unlike a bombing organised from anti America middle eastern foes.

Human remains were found which could be the perpetrators and there is one person of interest thus far.

Rudi Giuliani posted a video on Christmas Eve warning of an increase in action over the alleged voter fraud fight starting after Christmas and this only adds to the claims of some underground news agencies that the day of reckoning is here. Giuliani literally said things are going to “really blow up.”And no I’m not talking Qanon, However there is no end to the Qanon loyalists saying the day of truth is upon us. Though I doubt it is anything to do with the mysterious Q as this is movement is more likely disinformation coming from within the Democrats rather than anyone close to Trump.

So it remains to be seen what the warnings of Giuliani will really bring, but it has seemed like the calm before the storm lately. Something is going to give as we can’t have two presidents… can we?

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