Stuart Nash gives himself an upper cut!

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Napier Mayor Kirstin Wise made a post about being on TV to discuss escalating gang violence in her rohe and Hawke’s Bay in general. Jerry Greer commented it was the local MP’s fault. Mr Nash responded by blaming the local council for not banning gang patches. In an absolute masterstroke Mayor Wise(ly) posted a link to this RNZ article…

Guess who was the Police Minister in 2019 & guess what he said 🤡

May be an image of text that says "Jerry Greer Well done Kirsten just need our local members of parliament to go into bat for us alot harder. Like Reply 1d "Most relevant" is selected, so some replies may have been filtered out. 10 Stuart Nash Jerry Greer what total BS! How about the Napier council get hard and ban gang patches from all council sports and play grounds. would back this move but central Govt can't implement this; only the council can Like Reply. 8"
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