Still missing the point but getting there.

Follow up from Tova’s comments.  

Good to see now that she has to make her way in the world and is less a cog in the wheel of the State Funded Propaganda machine, Tova is starting to get the picture that JA and her cohorts are a bit of a one trick pony when it comes to the blame game (ignoring the playground ‘it wasn’t us’) 

She eloquently points to Labour continually blaming, even after 4 and half years of their own inaction, the 9 years of ‘inaction’ of the previous National government (their one trick)

Where Tova, and she is not alone, falls short is what were Labour doing for that 9 years.   Aside from the fact that Nationals first term (and part of their second) was dealing with a global financial crisis that every decent economist – except the Labour finance minister Michael Cullen, saw coming,  (with the rest of the world trying to at least stave it off and he did practically nothing – perhaps the naissance of future party behaviour), they took New Zealand through a period of economic recovery and into a period of growth.   

In that period what was (were they) the Opposition doing?  

Were they peppering ministers with letters asking what, how and why, as a good opposition would do?  Nope.  

Were they hounding Chairman of Select Committees, filibustering to delay the apparent ‘bad action’ and driving the Committee in any direction at all?  (Nope – but they were taking the extra pay though) 

Where they actively seeking out issues constituents had and raising them and championing them with the Government? Another not really (setting aside Pike River)      

Were they sitting on their individual and collective arses, making little or no contribution to Government and the country,  infighting like the pernicious nest of self-interested vipers a former Labour Party Board Member called them recently at an ‘off the record drinks session’? One would suspect so.

They even bleated when they became Government when National did exactly what they should have been doing, sending ‘please explain’ requests so much so it was obvious that and actually could not recognise proper behaviour.

So if the National Party were guilty of ‘doing nothing’, and like the Jury in any good Meth and Cocaine importing case, the jury is still out, whose fault is that they were able to ‘do nothing’?

Some of these Labour people have gotten very wealthy on the taxpayers donut, quite literally doing nothing for 13 years (one or two even longer).  

They have 18 months to do more damage,  some of their proposed actions will cost millions to reverse  – I can’t believe I am about to say this 

Please Labour. Please make no changes,  Stick to your guns and ….


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