Still No Accountability!

Unfortunately, today marks a consecutive day of no apologies from an inept Prime Minister.

Sick people, people who willingly got tested for COVID-19 and initiated a response, were publicly humiliated and bullied by New Zealand’s highest Governmental figure.

For five weeks now, Lobby New Zealand has led efforts for the sake of Case L, a KFC worker from Botany Downs, who bore the brunt of a week long lockdown in New Zealand’s biggest region, solely because of misinformation.

In dramatic documents released to Lobby New Zealand on March 29 2021, under the Official Information Act, it was clear that Case L followed all public health advice by isolating at home until March 22 2021 (the day self-isolation was no longer required, and the day Case L attended work), and that Case L received no direct communication from public health until the day after her shift.

Our call remains the same: apologise, Prime Minister.

New Zealand’s COVID-19 efforts cannot be put in jeopardy. We need people seeking tests; we need people feeling safe when seeking tests.

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