Still thinking of voting for Ardern because she saved us from Covid?

In what is only becoming more obvious by the day, Ardern’s “go hard go early” was just a slogan that makes as much sense as does the border control operations her inept Government is presiding over.

Newshub have an article showing just how bad their organisational skills are whilst attempting to effectively protect us from the virus crossing the border.

“Newshub can reveal the Government didn’t have anyone analysing the data it was collecting on border worker testing until two weeks ago.”

So, a year after the Virus emerges as an economy shutting down concern, they finally get around to ensuring it wasn’t been spread by untested workers?

Mandatory testing was brought in 6 months ago and they have only got around to chcking it is being done two weeks ago?

Ardern and Hipkins are trying to ward off the fault lying on the Government, by once again blaming defenceless individuals. But stories like this and MIQ workers refusing to take the vaccination are unravelling fast, particularly with the news in the herald today showing the futile attempts for border security workers to even access vaccinations.

The reality is it is only speculation at best that untested workers are lying about it and total fabrication at worst/ It seems no one knows.

And shock horrer, I am agreeing with Shaun Hendy for the first time. which is a statement he made in the article

“Hendy thinks had the system been running sooner, we could have avoided the lockdown in February.”

 So the Governments inability to protect the border properly lead the the Valentine Day’s lock down?

Not so “go hard and go early” there Ardern?

Once again this is just more proof that the studies saying the best place to be in a pandemic is New Zealand, even if your Government is as incompetent as the infamous sign language guy from Nelson Mandela’s Memorial, who appeared to not know sign language. At least his defence about his sketchy translating efforts were an issue he has with suffering from Schizophrenia. What is Ardern’s excuse? Oh that’s right it’s everyone else’s fault – because Ardern is a perfectionist.

Here’s another geographical reason why we didn’t get flooded with COVID-19

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