Mr Eaqub famously told the public in 2012 not to buy homes.Between 2008- 2017 Auckland house prices went up over 91%, according to REINZ, the greatest increase in prices in our history! Mr Eaqub subsequently reneged on his own advice and in 2016 bought a house, missing the greatest period of price inflation in our history! Mr Eaqub also famously told the Newshub breakfast show that New Zealand could have a population of 15 million people and it would be wonderful!Between 2008 and 2016 New Zealand saw the greatest increase in population over an 8 year period in history, over 500,000 people. Government debt went from $10.3 billion to over $60 billion. National also ran 5 current account deficits over this period. Total debt owed by everyone now exceeds $500 billion dollars.The National Government under John Key asked for no infrastructure contribution from the 500,000 recent arrivals and we now have enormous pressure on infrastructure, that took decades to pay for.Furthermore, there is no money to get us back to the service ratios we had before Key and Labour have stated they are going to borrow billions and billions more!!!Auckland’s housing crisis was caused by the immigration policy of John Keys government. A policy that Key used to fool the public into believing we had a strong economy. Mr Euqab never refers to this, instead he keeps stating that we need more people!When asked about our economy Mr Euqab will often say things are ‘broken’ when he can’t explain something. Mr Eaqub continues to make hallucinatory claims regarding transport and density and building infrastructure without having any town planning knowledge or transport knowledge and a seemingly total lack of understanding of how our economy works and where the money is going to come from.The absolutely last thing the New Zealand economy needs to be prosperous is a large population. The very viability of our primary industries and Tourism is dependant on land that can create wealth, not land that we can build houses on to keep people working.Mr Eaqub does not understand the difference between economic growth and population growth and refuses to refer to ‘per capita GDP growth ‘ and instead refers the irrelevant and meaningless ‘GDP’ numbers.Mr Eaqub is so out of touch it is staggering that the institution that gave him his degree is allowed to continue to operate, and I wonder if our best option is to seek Mr Euqabs advice and then do the complete opposite.

Shamubeel Eaqub leaves NZIER, considers business ownership |
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