Stopping climate change, would be climate change.

Next time I get called a climate denier, I’m deciding on whether my retort ought to be, “so you are a science denier” or “are you sure you are allowed in public unsupervised”

Remember when we were never going to see snow again? You know, because of global warming.

Well apparently there has been so much snow in the past 15 years since NASA announced that our children wouldn’t know what snow is, that now the only thing to blame is…. You guessed it, Global Warming.

Global warming seems as unstable as 2 legged barstool.

The more that the light is shone on climate change, and the better we are at measuring it. The more we realise it just changes.

The theory that we were living in some tranquil perfect climate equilibrium, that is until that dirty colourless odourless gas CO2 reared it’s ugly head, is just denying science in itself.

To suggest we stop climate change is as fantastical as expecting a horse to poop ice cream by gluing a horn to it’s face.

Let’s watch the droll Tony Heller point out the wayward science that is emanating from NASA

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