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Today I took my family to the local rec centre. I have a official exemption from wearing the mask. I got told that I had to email them my exemption proof or they wouldn’t let me in next time. I had showed them the exemption card…

I wanted to refuse as a stand against human right degradation…I however ended up showing them the email…as my kids want to go back…They said the gov were forcing them to comply or risking being shut down. This is in the top of the south island.

I feel very stressed as I can see our rights are being taken from us so fast. Oh also another thing is they only say you have to wear a mask past the desk then you can take it off in their various recreational activities. I said so is it only a risk of catching Covid at the desk but not the rest of the center they basically said yes that’s right…so silly…what’s this world coming too.


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