Straight from the “you cannot make this shit up” files…

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Attorneys For Trailing Democrat Candidate Claim Voting Machine Count ‘Errors’.

In a “Memorandum in Support of Order to Show Cause” filed on Monday, attorneys representing a Democratic congressional candidate, who appears to have lost by a razor-thin margin to his Republican opponent, call for a hand audit of the votes, citing “mounting evidence of significant irregularities in the tabulation of ballots.” In particular, the attorneys point to the “likelihood of a material discrepancy” between a manual audit tally and a “voting machine or system tally” as rationale for ordering the hand count.

So basically it’s totally uncool for Republicans to suggest any kind of fraud or wrong doing to the point of banning, censoring & labeling as a conspiracy nutter but not so much for Democrats!

Had enough of this bullshit yet? Oh and it’s only just begun! Welcome to Joe Bidens Twilight Zone!

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