Student Politicians

If there is one type of person who really irks me, it is those who never go out into the real world and get some work experience where there is some genuine accountability.

There is nothing like working closely with the person who has risked everything to start a business that you are now employed by. You will get instant feedback if you take long lunches, don’t perform as required or do down right idiotic things.

This gives you an understanding of what it means to “earn your keep.” If you have had an opportunity to play an integral role in the profitability (or not), of a not just the business, but the faces behind that business and the moths they need to feed, you learn the meaning of performing as expected.

Even better, are those that have taken the risk to open a business of their own and hire staff. They fully understand what it is like to experience dealing with creditors, clients expectations and the wellbeing of both staff and their own families.

No-one is further from this reality than those that leave school, go to university and move on to a senior role at that same university or go straight into the world of politics.

It should almost be illegal for someone to become a Politician who has simply left university and gone straight onto suckling off the public nipple.

If you wanted find a group of people with zero real world business experience, no direct accountability to creditors, nor accountability to their clients (AKA the tax paying public) and no concept of the responsibility to all involved when it comes to financial prudency, then look no further.

Here is the front line of Labour caucus and their work experience

Starting to make sense isn’t it?

Not only are these clueless people in regard to business, but they also all came through the most socialist avenues where their lifelong goal is to prove that communism can work. we just need to do it properly.

Let me ask you one thing. What has any of these muppets done properly?

they cant get the basics right but they think they can usher in a dawn of socialism that delivers prosperity to our nation.

Yeah Right

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