Super Spreaders?

In a previous post we have cast many aspersions as to why the MOH have stopped trying to find the source of the current Covid outbreak.  Mostly around the unfortunate probability that the Wallaby rugby team, who did not quarantine, let lose several of their players on a night on the turps and then “Out of the blue” we have a Delta outbreak  (who would go to jail for that level of negligence if it proved to be true – and to steal quote from a movie as we like to do “…we have no evidence mind” (Kevin Bacon if A Few Good Men).

So why rehash what is merely a good yarn.  Well in spite of New Zealanders not being able to book MIQ, the English Netball team has miraculously arrived in NZ for a Test series.  AND a chunk of the NZ team is stuck in Auckland under level 4.

Will we see them receive an exemption to be allowed to cross the border and play?….. (oh but they had a negative test – so what) …..Wait for it…… Wait for it….


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