Supplementary Quiz

Question 1

Who first made the joke, “Maori say there is not enough Maori content on telly? What’s their problem they’ve got crime watch?”

  1. Graham Bell the host of Police ten 7
  2. A white supremacist
  3. No one this is a conspiracy theory
  4. That racist bastard Billy T James

(Back when we were a proper country and we could laugh at ourselves and ignored the fringe ‘wowser’ element)

Question 2

We need to back off on criticism of the JA and the JA lead fiasco because…

  1. They are technically capable of acting as a dictatorship and still have over 2 years to go, so “be noice”
  2. You have to give them credit for getting up and displaying how dumb they are in front of the press every day, credit where credit is due – takes gutz
  3. My dad always said be nice to retards politicians and the intellectually less fortunate (back in the day when it was PC to call them all retards)
  4. No one likes to admit they failed stage 1 Micro-Economics when the entire paper can be answered understanding just one concept, supply and demand.

Question 3

Which of the following statements makes sense? (More than one may apply)

  1. Cars got cheaper as mass production satisfied demand
  2. TV’s got cheaper as mass production satisfied demand
  3. Every commodity gets cheaper by producing sufficient or excess product to meet or exceed demand
  4. Houses will get cheaper and rents wont increase, because JA took away tax deductions

(If you voted for her, have you worked it out yet……?)

Question 4

With test speak and the increasing use of acronym which of the following should become more prevalent in the Woke Crappist society called NZ

  1. HTFU  (Harden the F*ck up)  What you say when you are told something is not PC
  2. JMSU (Just makin’ sh*t up)  Refer any of JA and Fatboy-R’s pressers
  3. GTAFF (Go take a flying f*ck)   same as for option 1 (a)
  4. IWMIDDI (It wasn’t me I didn’t do it)  Ask Trevor

Question 5

Why did the Clown Parties advisors advise against removing interest deductions?

The UK Government are current undertaking studies that point to the following behaviours   

  1. Landlords, almost in direct proportion to the tax effect of lost deductibility are increasing rents and have been over the last 3 years
  2. Tenants are applying for accommodation and supplemental benefits to cover the increased rents at significant cost to the Crown
  3. This has had no impact on the supply and demand curve for housing, in London in particular
  4. Circumstantial evidence suggests that the cash cycle has been materially inhibited and indirect taxation losses exceed increased tax revenues from tax on landlords  

Do you think they know better than JA and the clown caucus?     Yes         Yes         Yes

(Circle the correct answer)

Remember they are not capable of an original thought.  As they say in the Cowboy movies,” There is nothing new in Dodge.”

Question 6

Somehow a government employee working 127 days in a row is newsworthy.  As a self-employed person who is in a service industry, the shortest period I have worked where I have not had to deal with client and ‘had a day off’ is…..  (also I can only ever ‘hope’ they pay me for my time)

  1. 217 days between days off
  2. 687 days between day off
  3. 3190 days between days off
  4. Since starting my business 21 years ago a client has called me or I have gone to the office every day

Hint the answer is not a).  HTFU.  This is not news.

My Dad also said don’t pick on the Fat Kid.  But reeeeealy…….?

Question 7

Chloe Swarbrick is proposing Rent Controls as it is fairly evident landlords will simply pass on the cost to tenants.

Which of the following Socialist, Communist or National Socialist dictatorships had success with rents controls?

  1. Soviet union
  2. East Germany
  3. Germany from 1927 to 1945
  4. Argentina under Peron
  5. Maoist China

History is against you child

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