Surge in police resignations in the U.S.

With bizarre events like Nancy Pelosi posthumously thanking George Floyd for being murdered.

Maxine Waters telling the jury what they need to do prior to the conclusion of the trial and the state paying out $40,000,000 to the Floyd family during the jury selection.

It is very likely that there will be an appeal and a retrial fro Chauvin.

However, the fall out of Chauvin being found guilty of all charges is having the obvious result of an acceleration of police leaving the force.

CNN are broadcasting where the police numbers are dwindling to show all where to go and commit crime.

It is hardly surprising that with all the calls to defund the police, the lack of support many officers feel they get and the increased hostility towards the police. That people will hang up the work boots and seek out other work.

While commentators are cheering on the guilty verdict of a dodgy policeman, urban areas are becoming less safe by the day.

It’s almost like there is a calculated plan to destabilise the U.S. society in to a disharmonious and destructive social decline.

Who owns the media again?

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