Sweet Baby Jesus!

Crypto Update!

  1. Fidelity Fund (which controls $4.9 Trillion in investments) quietly purchased a $20 Million stake in a Bitcoin Mining business. This gives them the ability to offer Bitcoin to mum & dad investors! THIS IS HUGE!!!!
  2. Ethereum’s “London Hard Fork” upgrade is released tomorrow.
  3. Google, as of today, no longer ban ads for Bitcoin
  4. El Salvador was the first country to make BTC legal tender, Uruguay is lining up to be next!
  5. The chairman for the SEC outlines plans for Cyrpto trading, exchanges, investor protection & Bitcoin ETF’s
  6. Elon Musk hinting that Bitcoin is 50%+ renewable energy, not yet accepting BTC to buy a Tesla but very close!

The market cap for Gold is $10 Trillion….Bitcoin will over take this…..let that sink in!

Invest for yourselves & invest for your Children’s, Children!

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