Take back our freedom

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Ardern has no intention on giving New Zealanders their liberty back.

She is more interested in stamping her brand of tyrannical socialism on the working class and we do not consent.

We need to go from being the silent majority to the vocal army. We need to stick together and get on with our lives.

There are only so many of the complicit enforcers of these Government edicts that want to police this anti science social experiment. we outnumber them 1000 to 1

Look to countries like Sweden, where people were educated about the health risks and they got on with their lives with no lock downs or forced vaccinations.

We know how to get in with it and we know there will be some broken eggs, but people are taking their own lives, people are losing their livelihoods and our children will never know the freedoms we willingly give up.

Being “kind,” as the PM likes to pretend she is, comes from looking out for everyone and making sure you aren’t forced to lose your way of making a living and freedom of movement.

Enough is enough and it’s time to open up your shops if you still can, invite people back into your cafes and bars.

We now know the risks and don’t need these so called health experts and their endless set of rules to live by. They don’t lose a penny by telling us all to stay inside and not talk to our neighbours.

That’s not a health response it is a police state takeover

Just be smart about it. Demand testing kits rather than vaccinated people, don’t go out if you have symptoms. If you feel comfortable-wearing a mask then wear one if you don’t want to then don’t. The science is pretty clear on the effectiveness of masks and the politicians know it. Just another form of control.

Ardern has failed you and is no longer fit to govern. This government can not be trusted and the only way to stop them is to stop adhering to this breach of our liberties.

Fight for your right to live your life.

It is our rights that the authorities are meant to protect, not remove them altogether.

The Government has shown they care not for what is legal, nor what is in our best interests.

On the first of December open up your shops let your staff and customers know it’s time we got on with life.

We did our bit and the Government failed us.

Elimination was a failure, increasing ICU beds was a failure and investing in bringing NZ through this virus will be a failure if we don’t stop the tyranny now.

The farmers will be the starting point. Talk to your suppliers, clients and staff and get ready. Let the farmers show us the way to freedom

Here is the starting point. The revolution starts here


We stand as one against this unethical and illegal tyranny

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