Teachers feel ‘very unconfident’ teaching maths – Associate Education Minister

This just in from Simon Oconner…

Honestly? 🤔

I won’t say anything more other than sharing thoughts from a well-respected NZ educator in response:

“We have been advocating for 10 years that every primary school teacher needs to have, at least, Level 2 NCEA Maths and Level 1 NCEA Science.

Here is a Labour government Minister telling NZ that our children/families are being screwed over because teachers (most of whom are well above $75k per annum) are “not confident” at the higher primary levels … which are, intellectually, the equivalent of teaching a dog to sit.

Please spread this far and wide. Heads should roll – the Minister, the Associate Minister, the $570,000 Secretary of Education (bet you can’t even guess their name) …

I have no more words – except to say that “teachers” are supposed to be the adults!”

In the link below is a short clip with Jack Tame on Q+A, worth a watch


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