Thank Goodness!! But Will Our Government Listen?

The message that we need to just get back to the old normal does appear to be getting through to increasingly more jurisdictions, slowly but surely. Restrictions are being lifted in the province of Alberta, Canada of all places:

(the key points start at the 4.20 mark)

Take a look at the incredibly sensible explanation by both the Chief Medical Officer:““We will not eliminate COVID, which means we need to learn how to live with it.” “Testing every person with a runny nose or sore throat is an extraordinary measure that we cannot sustain.”“I have to constantly consider not just COVID-19 but all the other threats to people’s health”.“For children, it is important to think about the much smaller risk of severe outcomes and the consequences of the public health measures we have had in place.”The Premier of Alberta added his support, with this key piece of information: “We have to get used to fact that cases no longer equal high levels of hospitalizations or fatalities.”Watch now as the Alarmist media piles in on this brave (but obviously scientifically and ethically correct) decision. The media will quote their hand selected “experts” with scathing critiques, and dire predictions about how much more dangerous “Delta” is, and how devastating this will be to Albertans.Watch also how entirely untrue these dire predictions will turn out to be, even as Covid spreads further throughout the population to the point of becoming endemic (if this isn’t already the case).Fingers crossed the Albertans will stick to their guns despite the pressure to re-enslave their citizens. If they can stand strong on this, they will join the growing ranks of states and countries (including Sweden, Croatia, Florida, Mississippi, Belarus, South Dakota and Texas) that stand out as obvious contradictions to the ever constant predictions of catastrophic death and destruction that supposedly is guaranteed to transpire as a result of not implementing tyrannical lockdown and isolationist policies (policies first promoted by Communist China, no less

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