Thank you Zinzan!

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By Will Ryan

Finally some stoic masculinity rather than the torrent of cowardly slaves, towing the insane government line for petty dollars and fame.

Almost stopping life indefinitely to fight one illness whilst increasingly cancer, depression, suicide, poverty, debt and a plethora of other problems, isn’t wise or saving lives overall.

Lockdown advocates deny the costs, deny the suicides and depression, apparently believing they can just stop economies and free movement at zero cost.

They say “well you won’t have an economy if there’s no people”, as if Covid is a threat to most people or the economy when it’s not even killing people of working age.

They have no real solution or big picture view, falsely believing they can fight and eliminate an invisible, evolving enemy with governments that can’t even stop theft, homicide or homelessness.

Fear has them in blinkered tunnel vision and it’s time that non cowardly men, like Zinny, stood up instead of agreeing with unthinking, illogical idiots just to be polite or socially acceptable. The cost of conformity with madness has historically been death, tyrannical governments are much more lethal than this virus!

The default should be to carry on as normal, protect the vulnerable rather than handicapping the healthy and destroying civilisation.

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