Thanks Borat

Funny how many actors see themselves as morally superior to others.

There is no doubt that Sasha Cohen is a very intelligent and witty guy. However, his claims that he is out there exposing peoples prejudices by tricking small town folk in the USA to say stupid things in his movies really are a little hypocritical at best.

Sasha plays a character we have all heard of called Borat. Borat is from Kazakhstan and he really does not portray the average Kazakhstani in a very flattering way. I wonder how the world would respond to his characters if he played a dim witted Kenyan or an obnoxious Asian. I am sure there would be people claiming he is being racist but for some reason Kazakhstani’s are fair game.

His latest movie is being promoted by claiming he did a sting on Rudy Giuliani, exposing Rudi’s desire to sleep with an underage girl. The supposed 15-year-old girl is actually a 24 year old attractive actress that plays Borat’s daughter. Borat is trying to palm off his 15 year old daughter into some form of marriage of convenience in the movie. You know because that is what they do in Kazakhstan.

Perhaps, as Cohen is part of a minority group that has had its own fair share of discrimination in history, that he thinks it makes it OK for him to take the piss out of another nation. I am going with two wrongs don’t necessarily make a right here.

In a response to Trump saying he didn’t find Cohen funny and that he is a creep – Cohen retorted, “I don’t find you funny either – but yet the whole world laughs at you.” He continued on twitter, “I’m always looking for people to play racist buffoons and you’ll need a job after Jan 20. Let’s talk.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I used to enjoy Ali G and his other movies, but I just now find Cohen’s movies mean spirited and incredibly hypocritical. I think it is ok to make good spirited fun of others and have enjoyed many comedies in the past where the stereotype of certain nationalities have been used for humour. But Cohen is next level ridicule and please don’t then turn around and put one’s self on some kind of moral pedestal.

Any Kazakhstani’s know if this is usual beach wear in Kazakhstan, or is this just a comedian who thinks he should be telling us about what is morally right by doing what is morally incomprehensible…

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