Thanks Greaseball

Read this crap from our lates unelected MP thanks to MMP

After having a cry about being told to go back to Mexico when he took to social media to have a crack at the system that just handed him an over $150,000 salary, an obviously unrepentant Ricardo Menedez has endeared himself to the people he is now a spokesman for, by tweeting out to the people he represents…”Are you OK Boomer”

Thanks to our wonderful MMP system, we get deliverd total twats all the time and it looks like Menedez will keep himself relevant by being an antagonist on Social media.

Funny how a marxist has adopted Trumps technique of getting his message out.

No doubt he will turn to the press to say he is once again being abused because he is a minority and he will pull out the homosexual card and say he needs a week off.

Here’s a tip Ricardo, no one cares that you are a mexican, gay or whether you identify as a distrusting Chihuahua. how about you just do your job and see how you can improve lives rather that making a name for yourself as a total fuckwit.

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