Thats it we are doomed

After my last blutgh (vomiting noise) on Ardern, I never ever thought I would get to this one.

During 1936-1938  Hitler and Goering purchased complicity in their divisive political agenda by giving away free vouchers for holiday’s, cruises and privately owned cultural events.

Consider this along with all our previous referenced behaviour likening Ardern to Hitler, read in conjunction with her passing the NZ equivalent of the Nuremburg proclamation, illegal laws formed in direct contravention of the UN convention on Civil rights, where we now discriminate against our own version of the GEW (the Generally Endangering Wellness – in her opinion)

We have one chance.  

Someone Arrest her Now.

We will publish the complete works of Ardern’s move to National Socialism shortly, the parallels are eerie.

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