The 3rd World War

I remember being told school was “learning how to think rather than what to think”

Now those same people tell us not to question experts or think critically. They have become the midwit nerds who memorised textbooks and regurgitated them for exams, without a true grasp of a subject in their own terms and minds. This is why leftists repeat terms like “vaccine hesitant”, “problematic”, “right wing extremist” etc without actually knowing what they are saying. That’s why these people become very angry when challenged, run away or seek to have you cancelled. Information warfare is the Third World War! Fashionable fad words are modern bombs.

By Will Ryan

May be an image of text that says "The government "educates" you for a dozen years, but then has to censor the hell out of various perspectives, because apparently you have NO CLUE how to separate truth from falsehood. If the government is so good at figuring out what is true, why did it never teach you how to do it? It's all so tiresome."
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