The Age of Omicron

You can imagine the excitement at the WHO when they get to name a new child virus variant.

The naming of this new Corona variant sounds like it must have been given to a Star Trek fan. I will name you the Omicron and you will destroy the world!

The reality however, is they just stick to the Greek Alphabet. Next will be Phi.

However it seems there were some decisions made about omitting one letter, rather than staying with the traditional order of Greek letters see if you can guess which one was excluded

Omicron definitely sounds more serious than a few of its predecessors such as Mu or Iota though. Not to mention Phi.

Easier to get a day off work with a dose of the Omicron. OMG the Omicron got me.

Much better than ringing up the office with a dose of the Mu, “the what? I have a case of the Mu so better not come to work today”

Mad Cow more like it. Speaking of Mad Cows, Ardern’s response to this virus, if we were in the reality of a parallel universe, one where the globalist takeover wasn’t the hip thing for young politicians to subscribe to. We wouldn’t be in lock-downs, or ruining freedoms and economies, we would just stay away from work.

In Sweden they were told not to go to work if they were unwell. How did that work out for them? seems now they are the poster child of pandemic responses. But the media won’t want to admit that will they?. How dare they not lock down and still get a better result than any other comparible European country?

Anyway back to the Omicron

How long before this is the new Delta? Michael Baker is playing it down, urging for calm. Maybe he didn’t get an invite to Ardern’s wedding so is being rebellious. Grant Robertson has wasted no time spreading the fear saying it’s a great example of that we are a long way away from the end of the pandemic.

So if we are 90% vaccinated and are ready for the arrival with ICU beds, new medications that work suspiciasly like Ivermectin, why are we a long way off Grant? oh yes the control through fear mantra.

77 people in hospital and 8 in ICU, after having well over 100 new cases per day now for over a month. 13 deaths so far in November including one person shot (by a gun not a needle). These aren’t people dying of covid, they are dying with it and they are also dying with the shot (the actual jab)as well as gun shots. what a confusing world we live in. Particularly if you are a statistician for Medsafe where all your conclusive evidence keeps vanishing.

Try telling them that the CDC claimed that 83% of COVID deaths died with covid. Blank face under a mask.

And what did the CDC say about masks again. oh yeah they are more harm than they are good. We are back to Mad Cows again aren’t we?

So I’m off to explore the new black market opening up in a town near you. We need a special handshake – probably just a “hand shake” will do, as a vaccinated person would never shake hands. They need protecting from that sort of carry on don’t they now they have had the jab.

Its only fair they feel safe

Nice weekend all.

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