The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

As our Government seek to become (if they haven’t already become) the most corrupt, inept bunch of arrogant twats to ever grace the beehive. Robbo thinks its a good idea to carry on splashing out funds for pet projects.

The trouble is that the COVID emergency fund is not meant to be paying for parents who cant be bothered preparing their kids lunch.

Its bad enough that my kids don’t eat the lunch I make for them every morning, but now i’m funding lunches for kids who’s parents are just too plain lazy, or stupid to be able to feed their kids.

feeding a couple of kids for a week with fruit, sandwiches and a snack, need not cost more than $15 if you are on a tight budget. 18 small packets of crisps is $5, a jar of peanut butter or jam is $4.70, 2 kilos of apples can be purchase for $3 to $6 pretty easily and a loaf of sandwich bread from $1.60 with enough slices for 10 sandwiches. 20 if you buy 2 of the $1.60 loafs gives you 2 kids lunches for the week for between $10 and $15 depending on what options you go for

However, the real issue here is Robbo is simply not understanding, or ignoring, who’s money he is spending from funds that its not allocated for.

This is blatant misappropriation from our comedian finance minister Grant Robertson.

When he’s not seeing how clever he is, running down the opposition in the debating halls, he’s working out who he can splash the cash to while hoping no one holds him to account.

Have a guess what Robbo? Its not your money to do with as you please. If this was any other party the press would be calling for heads to roll. Instead they just will say, “hey its for the kids”

So what am I talking about exactly with the “apple not falling far from the tree?”

Well Robbo’s old man (who was an accountant) did a bit of time in the big house for misappropriation of funds – he misappropriated $120,000 into his back pocket from his employer. A trick Robbo seems keen to try and replicate.

The media are too busy running interference on all this bad news and are focusing on how bad National are at the moment, taking peoples minds off just how bad Labour are.

Crooked to the bone the lot of them.

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