The beginning of the end of Globalism?

What is becoming more and more obvious is that the EU and North America are hamstrung with their attempts to put a stop to the military offensive occurring in Ukraine.

If existing sanctions didn’t prevent Putins desire to reconstruct the region, then putting more and more restrictions on Russia will likely only lead to some pretty unintended consequences for the Wests Desired march to globalism.

While John Kerry’s concerns are, “think of the climate change.” you have an increasingly historical Biden, Macron, Scholz and Ursula von der Leyden who are heaping on lashings of sanctions as a futile attempt to undo the occupation of Ukraine.

A little calm may be called for.

An option that Biden and the agitated “super powers” of Europe are considering is booting Russia out of the SWIFT banking system.

A move that would have dire outcomes for the left leaning globalists idea of a one world government.

You can’t have globalism without Russia and a increasingly fractious group of true superpower countries in the euro-Asia continent.

India has obviously seen enough of the leadership styles of the Biden‘s the Trudeau’s, Johnson’s and Macrons and is making sure they keep their options open with Russia.

China has the need for Russian energy and will be a happy bedfellow for the Eastern Europe countries.

India have started gearing up to have a Rupee option for trading oil and gas and participate in Russias $700 million per day economy.

The move to exclude Russia from the financial markets would likely set of a huge paradigm shift in the markets and see the end of the USD petrol dollar.

It would see an increasingly struggling EU, it’s energy requirements wouldn’t be met and the destruction of the western economy would be well on the way.

Putin is out-playing his rivals in this geo-political chess game Ukraine have been offered an option to negotiate a peaceful surrender and on all counts this has been a very soft takeover from Putin.

However this negotiation has not gone anywhere so the takeover continues.

As much as the media are rooting for the little guy, Ukraine has no real leadership running the military, one which is made up of a hodgepodge of units all of whom are not following a plan – or orders for that matter.

A smart move would have been to withdraw from the areas shortly to be annexed but the various Ukrainian officers aren’t taking orders.

Russia have left the internet and power on and have left civilian areas untouched as they only bomb strategic targets. An obvious attempt to leave damage to a minimum is something that gives a strong clues as to the end game.

While Putin will have a clear idea of what he wants, the rest of the Western countries, including Australia and New Zealand should be very careful what they wish for.

Sit back and evaluate, but is there more that some people are concerned about. Is Biden about to be exposed for how he and his co conspired raped and pillaged funds injected into the region to attempt to sort out it’s economic woes.

Are there other western assets located in the large country that they rather not hand over to Putin?

the USA have tried to get the UN Security Council to vote to isolate Russia and in what is quite telling, neither China, India nor the UAE. Supported these measures.

This is going to be a fascinating few weeks ahead.

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