The Biden Criminal family

Before the election it was fake news. But now the MSM thinks they have rid themselves of Trump, they are admitting that the Biden’s are under investigation.

Evidence obtained from the Hunter Biden laptop (this is also now apparently actually a thing) shows that the Biden family made millions from the access Joe Biden as VP availed.

News that wouldn’t get out pre-election, is now being shared on the most leftist of the MSM.

Did Biden run for the presidency to protect his crime family being exposed for money received from foreign interests? Opportunities such as building schemes in the Middle East that Joe Biden’s brother James made a fortune from, billions given to Hunter from Chinese interests to “invest” and Russian money. Not to mention Burisma which through its connections with Biden had an investigation stopped.

Joe Biden is under investigation in Ukraine and he family in the USA.

If charges (indictments) are laid against Joe Biden prior to being elected into the presidency, can he still legitimately take the job?

This space just keeps getting more interesting.

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